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Common Problems With Direct Marketing
Common Problems With Direct Marketing
  • Getting Leads
  • Retaining the people they recruit
  •  Fear of asking for the sale
  • Rejection
  •  No History of Success
  •  Work/Life Balance
  •  Duplication - hard to duplicate yourself to help everyone who needs it
While direct marketing can be wonderful, it is not without its challenges.  Many people start out very enthusiastic with the best intentions, then when they get home (or in front of their friends or family) they get nervous and anxious and are often not able to spread the word about the great products, even though they sincerely love them and use them.

We have been there and have come up with a pretty simple solution that can help with all of these problems listed above.  In fact it solves problems all the way to the corporate level can increase not only sales but also the number of distributors who may join.
Benefits to the Distributors
1) Allows them to use social media from the best and brightest sales professionals in the company
2) Allows  them to take advantage of the best product knowledge in the company
3) Posts social media content in 4 categories (Product Education, Product Sales, Business Promotion, and General Content) for a well balanced social media campaign.
4) Automated posting based on artificial intelligence built campaigns
5) Social Media content personalized to them and their distributor business sales page 
6) All social media content follows corporate guidelines as to not infringe on the FTC or FDA
7) They get posts for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Google my Business, LinkedIn, and Tumblr.
8) They have the ability to add your own content to publish everywhere in your own customer portal.
9) They can review and approve or reject ever piece of content up to 2 weeks before the month it will be posted in.
10) They can see when and where everything will be posted inside of your publishing calendar inside of their customer portal.
11) This is 100% Automated to allow you to focus on their business..not their social media.
12) Social media has the ability to reach out to many different people using hashtags to bring in new eyes to their social media channels.
13) This is absolutely the least expensive way to get in front of the most people on a regular basis.
14) Additional training will be held to teach other techniques and strategies on how to attract and engage Internet buyers and potential distributors under you.
15) This reminds previous buyers to purchase again .. by staying top of mind on social media.
16) It’s a good investment in their company, it’s easy, and it’s fun!

Benefits For Leadership
  • Ability for leadership to share their expertise in product knowledge
  •  Ability for leadership to exercise their sales skills & abilities for their entire downline at the lowest levels
  • Leverages skills and abilities of the top performers and push this down to the grass roots
  •  Ability to make thousands in the process .. does not cost you, but makes you money as a leader.
  •  Allows distributors to overcome their fears and build confidence by modeling your interactions and behaviors on social media.
  • Ability to leverage your success and wins as an organization and push these to the masses quickly and easily.
  •  Ability to provide creative and compelling social media content personalized to each distributor not matter who they are or where they live.
  •  Ability to reach out to all the distributor's friends and family even if they don't or won't.
  •  Get more sales through your downline
  •  Get more distributors through your downline
Benefits For The Company
  •  Ability to protect the company and product brands.
  •  Direct sales to the public, without circumventing the distributors.
  • Reduce the probability that distributors (in their enthusiasm) will make false claims getting the corporation in trouble with FTC and other watchdog organizations.
  •  Ability to reach millions of potential buyers on social media where referrals take place.
  •  Leveraging the company sales and conversion capabilities at the lowest levels to increase product sales.
How Does This Work?
We have written a specialized social media software platform which is perfectly suited for Direct Marketing Leadership.  This allows us to partner with you to create the most creative and compelling social media content and push this out to all of your downline's social media channels.  This content is focused on 4 main areas of the business, product education, product sales, general content based on the vertical market (example "general health"), and encouraging individuals to join as distributors.  The greatest part is that your direct downline gets all the sales and distributors so your downline keeps growing and growing.

We have designed this software and solution with YOU in mind.  We know you are busy ... crazy busy! So we are able to do all the heavy lifting and only leverage a few minutes of your time each month to pull all your (and your team's) expertise on product promotions and sales to push this out to the masses.  We do the rest!
Leverage Social Media of Distributors
Think about the idea of posting to not only thousands of your downline's facebook accounts, but also their Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr, and Google My Business accounts.  Your reach would be Incredibly powerful!
Leveraging Your Sales Skills
Leverage Your ability to sell.  You didn't get into leadership by chance.  You have a great ability to sell and motivate that others may not possess.  This allows you to leverage this piece of you and give it to everyone in your downline simply and easily.  Now..they are expert sales distributors thanks to you!
Leveraging Your Product Knowledge
No one knows the products better than you do.  It's crazy to expect new distributors to represent the products properly when they really don't know much about them.  This can also get the company into a LOT of trouble by enthusiastic distributors making false or exaggerated claims! This can really allow you to educate about the products to the masses.  Not just your distributors, but to everyone they know and are connected to on social media.
Getting Past The Fear
While Distributors may be users of the products, and genuinely love them, recommending them can be scary for many people.  Public speaking and talking to strangers are societies #1 greatest fear.  Not anymore!! Now you can be bold yet tactful and personalize your message to them to sell like the product should be sold to their friends and family.  That way you can take the reins and do the selling in their behalf, yet they will receive the commissions... boosting their confidence to go out and sell more after they see it working with people they know.
Customizing Your Message
That's right!  We write all the content using something called "Short Codes" which are things that look like this [name].  Whenever the software sees [name] it replaces it with their actual name just like in the mad libs when we were growing up.  This personalizes social media content to them, their city, their company name make it sound like it's coming directly from them on their social media account. have thousands of social media experts boosting their sales!
Reach Millions .. Daily
Remember, it's not just the thousands of accounts you are reaching, it's the hundreds of people connected to those thousands of accounts.  This reaches hundreds of thousands of eyeballs each day and even more when we use hashtags to reach many more people.  We call this unquantifiable perpetuity.
YOU have control!
You have control over the marketing message, the education, branding, images, everything!  But even more important than this, they feel like they're in control as well because they can go into their customer portal and control what goes out on their social media channels.  That way everyone is in control and no one is surprised by a piece of social media content going out on their Facebook account that they didn't know about.  You and they are in control!
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